Special Congratulations to our very own Mike Deponio for his award for being Champion of the Community!!  With out the tireless efforts of dog park supporters like Mike, we would not have the all of the options we enjoy today.

Thank You Mike,

we will NEVER give up!!

Many Wagging Tails thank PVRPD!!

With the partnership of our Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District, FCDP formed to support the needs of the dogs and their owners in the community.  Our goals are to educate, promote, and support dog related challenges and ideas within our town.  FCDP wants our dogs to have many options for off-leash play, exercise and socialization in Camarillo and the sur-hounding area.  Dogs need to get out of the house (just like people do) and dogs need to get out of their backyards.  We want to create numerous places where dogs can romp and play with one another safely.  FCDP is working to make Camarillo a dog friendly town.

Come join our mission and join our pack!

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